Did The Devil Make Me Do It? Book Review and Recommendation

18 Jul


Have you ever wanted more background information about the devil based on the biblical interpretation of scripture? Well, this book titled, “Did the Devil Make Me Do it?” by Mike McKinley gives you that and so much more in a condensed version. This book offers a lot of biblical truth about Satan, demons and evil spirits that lurk around in our daily lives. This is one of several books that are part of the Questions Christians Ask series that is sure to draw people closer to God. There are a ton of biblical scripture references throughout the book. Some of the questions that are answered in the book include 1) Where did Satan come from?, 2) What is Satan like and what does he do?, 3) What is demon possession?, 4) How did Jesus defeat Satan, and 5) How should be live in a world where Satan still prowls? I can understand why a lot of people would be either indifferent or disenchanted after reading this book since so many Americans today still don’t believe the devil exists. For those who study the Bible, we know the serpent mentioned in the first book, in Genesis 3 is in reference to the manifestation of Satan (the serpent persuades Eve in the Garden of Eden). God does not reveal everything we would like to know about the devil in the Bible, but tells us everything we need to know.

Some important known facts about Satan that should be noted include: 1) Satan was created by God, 2) When God first created Satan he was morally pure, 3) Some of the angels created by God revolted against God, 4) Satan enjoys attacking and tempting God’s children to commit sinful acts, and 5) the evil formed by Satan comes from within him. Not all the evil that is evident in the world today can be directly credited to Satan, but stems from our actions and words due to a sinful human heart. Below is a list of the few personal deeds that are attributed to Satan.
• He speaks (Matthew 4:6)
• He lies (John 8:44)
• He prowls (1 Peter 5:8)
• He blinds unbelievers (2 Corinthians 4:4)
• He deceives (Revelation 20:2-3)

Some people may wonder why Satan has so many names, but a few of them listed below represents a different trait about his character.
• The devil (Matthew 4:1) – slanderer
• Satan (1 Chronicles 21:1) –adversary
• The tempter (1 Thessalonians 3:5) – entice
• The evil one (Matthew 13:19) – wicked

In the Bible, every time the devil is mentioned, he is busy at work undermining and destroying everything that God created in this world. Satan and his demons are on the prowl to cause physical suffering, mental and emotional turmoil, false worship, entice God’s people to sin, and prevent God’s salvation. The devil does everything in his power to turn people away from God by keeping them focused on other things through attacks, deception, temptation and frustration.

Christians ultimately have to decide to trust God’s goodness and wisdom with all our heart in regard to all circumstances to fight the evil spirits. One of the God’s promises from the Bible supports that all things will work together for the good of His people (Romans 8:28). We need to constantly pray without ceasing against the evil forces in this world and actively resist the culture medium and perceived notions that are used by him to carry out his malicious agenda. God instructs people who are ensnared by sin to flee from temptation, confess your sins, and turn away from sinful behaviors. A way to help fend off Satan in our lives is through the Holy Spirit through obedience, prayer, faith, confession, and allow God’s word to fine tune our way of thinking. The best way to fend off the evil one is to study God’s word on a daily basis and meet with other Christians on a regular basis. Too many people in today’s world feel they are at the mercy of Satan and his schemes and that we can never conquer his power in our daily life. Luckily for all Christians, the outcome of the current battle has already been decided as explained in the book of Revelations in the Bible in which God is declared the winner and the devil’s destruction comes to a halt.

In conclusion, we must realize that God never puts anything in our path that we cannot withstand including the devil if we continue to be led by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gives us the spiritual guidance and wisdom to remain obedient to God and not be enticed by the devil. Satan cannot force me into doing anything since God gives all of us free will. The only person who can make me do anything is me. The closer one draws closer to God, the more you realize the devil is not deserving of our time, obsession and emotions. It is more important that we focus all our attention on God who delivered us from evil and gave us a sign of hope that one day he will cease to exist.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and give it a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. The book was very easy to read and comprehend throughout its entirety. I always understood what the Bible had to say about the devil, but this book gave me a more concrete understanding. After reading the book, I wish the author would have gone into further detail about the secular world views of the devil since a large majority of people still do not believe in Satan or God for the sake of argument. Too many people still believe Satan is the evil version of God. But, in reality, God has control over Satan and can stop him dead in his tracks at any time, but He chooses not to since it is all part of God’s perfect plan for His good. The devil is very much alive and well in the world today and we must do everything in our power to steer clear of him to fulfill God’s plan for our life and glorify Him. All of God’s people can rejoice in the fact that one day we will spend eternity in Heaven with Him and all the good angels.

A special thank you to The Good Book Company and Cross Focused Reviews for providing me a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


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