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Bake through the Bible Book Review and Recommendation

8 Oct

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When I first started reading the book titled, “Bake through the Bible” written by Susie Bentley-Taylor and Bekah Moore, I tried to visualize this book from a child’s perspective. I felt I could offer a more fair analysis of my review to determine if this was a book that parents could share with their young children about the Bible story. I give a lot of credit to the authors because I felt they selected several of the most important stories from the Bible that children could learn from as parents could use this as a learning tool in telling them more about God. What better way to share God’s love for us through the stories behind His amazing promises, how He rescues His people, the birth of Jesus, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, how He can make our hearts clean, and many more. The content of this book was most impressive from a reader’s standpoint, and I hope the authors decide to publish a second volume of the stories in the Bible.

The authors provided a simple format of the stories that children could better relate to when they were reading the book or having the book read to them by their parents. One of the things I liked most about this book is it is a creative way for parents to get involved in a fun activity with their children by reading a story and then cooking a recipe in the kitchen. This book provides lots of colorful illustrations that I think will help keep a child’s attention as it is read and shared with them. It also had some useful questions after each story that parents and children can discuss in teaching the stories to their child. This book also prepares the adult to get everything ready ahead of time by sharing all the ingredients in the recipe along with any kitchen tools that are needed to make the food. One of my favorite recipes in the book was the sparkly promise cookies that have one of God’s promises neatly tucked inside. Inside the book, there are a total of twenty different stories shared with readers from the Bible. At the end of the story, there is a prayer, the ingredient list, the equipment list, step-by-step directions, questions you can share with your child while you are cooking, time needed, and some bonus time-saver tips and ideas. The colorful illustrations that are shown in the step-by-step directions for each recipe are easily understood and displayed for a child to follow guided by their parents.

In conclusion, I would say the two authors did a very thorough job in the development and organization of the book. This book deserves 5 stars for creativity shown throughout the book and for the idea of cooking some great recipes while sharing Bible stories with children. “Bake through the Bible” would make a great gift for young children. This book offers something that a lot of them do not offer today – valued family time. Plus, it gives the parents an opportunity to pray with their children and get them excited about helping them learn how to cook in the kitchen. Children will likely remember the stories shared in this book if they understand how the recipes were selected in sharing each story. It is my hope that parents everywhere will get excited about sharing this amazing book with their children as they learn about God and His never ending love for each and every one of us. I can honestly say it would have been neat if this book was written during my childhood, because I think I could have gotten a great deal out of it and learned about the most important person in our life, our Heavenly Father who created us for His purpose in our life. I wish I would have had a chance to explore some of the recipes in the book prior to completing my review, but I will definitely be sharing this book with my nephews and cooking some of the recipes with them when I visit them over the holidays.

Please enjoy this video with the authors of this book as they share some highlights from their book.

A special thank you to Cross Focused Reviews and The Good Book for a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.