Eternity Changes Everything Book Review and Recommendation

19 Feb


Do you long for more patience in your life while you are waiting for something in God’s timing or waiting for an outcome in anticipation? Or, do you long for more restless behavior when things do not seem to go your way in life or often feel disappointment or despair? If so, I encourage you to read this book, “Eternity Changes Everything” by Stephen Witmer. The author does an exemplary job of providing a heightened level of hope and glimpse into our everlasting life with God. We have so many choices in our life which often results in regret, despair, and disappointment when we are more tuned into the now in the world we live today rather than our real and future home in Heaven. God never promised us that life would be easy but we must learn to accept the daily challenges we face and realize we can get through anything through our faith and trust in God. This book teaches you how to live your life today in the light of what your future will hold tomorrow. Everything that happens to us in this temporary life called the biological life, God is using to shape us for our eternal life with him as a citizen of Heaven. This book allures Christians to be more excited about where the world is headed and be certain about where they are headed in the future.

Chapter 1|Your future in your present
Chapter 2|Everything new
Chapter 3|He will dwell with them
Chapter 4|The future is certain
Chapter 5|Your future is certain
Chapter 6|Tightrope walking
Chapter 7|Restlessness
Chapter 8|Patience
Chapter 9|Heavenly citizens
Chapter 10|Needing this world less
Chapter 11|Loving this world more
Chapter 12|Restless patience
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This book basically covers every aspect in our life that we face daily which includes our past, present and future. The author shares many stories from his life and others to gain an easy understanding of everything discussed in the book. From reading the book, I could tell this author is a very compassionate man in regards to his wife, children, his relationship with God, and his future home in Heaven. Our future life is based on how we live our present life. When Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, God was able to change the world forever. Once we are able to grasp this truth, we will begin to see a change in ourselves. Our life can change for the better if we are able to develop more patience and restlessness within ourselves to live the enriched life God had planned for us. The author illustrates a great example of how we can live with more confidence about the present and future in our life through stories about a tic-tac-toe tournament and walking on a tightrope. As we face our daily struggles in life, we might get lost along the way or go down the wrong path, but our common goal should be to reach the new creation, our everlasting life with God. The main focus of this book is that Christians are intended to live and be able to live in a strong, happy, productive, challenging, and agonizing tension between restlessness and patience.

Restlessness is best defined as a fervor for our future life in the new creation. Our perspective must be aligned with the future rather than settle for the current moment of now in regards to our identities, thoughts, actions, and goals. We must ask ourselves if we are determined to live for today or tomorrow. It is easy to get caught up in our past due to our past failures and accomplishments in life. Also, it is just as comfortable to live in the present when things seem to be going well in our lives or just the opposite. Either way, we are letting it define us and who we are as individuals because we are settling by living in the now rather than the future. Since we live in a fallen, sinful and imperfect world, nothing will ever be perfect so we should never settle for anything. If you are looking for the perfect man to share your life with, the perfect job with a six figure income, the perfect vacation, or that dream house you have always longed for all these years, you are only setting yourself up for disappointment. Our life is meant to be enjoyed and a preparation for the next life, not to settle for what you think can make you happy today. We must remember the best is yet to come in the new creation. There are a couple of reasons why we find it difficult to be more restless in our life which includes misconception that it will be dull and the uncertainty that it is our future. To help change our mindset, we must remain alert of the present world flaws, realize our pain and inconvenience in life is preparing us for our next life, and live as though the new creation will come tomorrow.

We currently live in a secular world that lacks patience. Christian maturity is gained through restlessness with patience. Restlessness can only lead to disaster without patience. If we learn to develop patient trust in God and His timing, it makes us more resilient and hopeful in times when life is hard. The author best sums up patience when he states “Patience comes from knowing that God’s future is ours and God’s future is great. When we know it’s sure, it can be slow. When we know it’s great, we can wait.” There are three beneficial ways to help us grow in our patient waiting for the new creation. First, we can seek help from God through prayer. Second, we can practice waiting when we encounter our everyday situations because rest assured there is always a reason God calls us to wait. Finally, we can wait in light of the cross because it demonstrates God’s patience and offers forgiveness for our impatience. We need to remember that Jesus is the only answer when it comes to our failures and our only hope for us to grow more in Christ. There is no need for us to rush through life through impatience because God already has our life planned out for us and the best is yet to come.

In conclusion, if we realize the new creation is our forever home, we will learn to shape our behavior in a new way and develop a different perspective about our biological life by looking forward to our eternal life with God. When we have developed a restless patience for the new creation, we realize we need this world less and love the world more. We can move forward with more help when we are content with restless patience because it helps us persevere in times of suffering, yearning for our future with Jesus, no longer consumed with regret from the past, and our trials in life are God’s means of getting us to the new creation. We can rejoice in heavenly citizenship whether life is hard and/or good because it draws us closer to our eternal life in Heaven with God. We can be certain this life is just part of our story and not the whole story and as a result will make us feel more freedom for this short-lived portion of it. On the other hand, we must be convinced that this current existence is worth improving by loving our neighbors as God has commanded us to do in this life. The best possible way for us to make this a better place is by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are able to end so much suffering in this world and draw more people to God so that they may also have eternal life with the new creation. Come, Lord Jesus! This book really hit home for me because I struggle with impatience in my life and hopefully this book will shed some light on this in my life and I can seek help through God’s help. As I started reading this book, I had a hard time putting it down because I was drawn to every word and enjoyed reading every page. I truly want to thank this author for writing such a great book about the new creation because I know it will give a lot of readers a new perspective in regards to their own life and how to have a more optimistic outlook on the future and be more certain about their eternal life with God. When I saw the title of this book, I knew it was one I was interested in reading and now I can say I am so glad I did since it is filled with so much hope for the future.

Rating: 5 Stars

A special thank you to Cross Focused Reviews and The Good Book Company for the complimentary paperback copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


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