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Guiltless Living Book Review and Recommendation

11 Mar

guiltless living

Ch 1 – The Critical Serial Sinner (God Calls Christians to Encourage)
Ch 2 – The Proud Serial Sinner (God Calls Christians to Humility)
Ch 3 – The Controlling Serial Sinner (God Calls Christians to Trust)
Ch 4 – The Impatient Serial Sinner (God Calls Christians to Patience)
Ch 5 – The Miserly Serial Sinner (God Calls Christians to Generosity)
Ch 6 – The Selfish Serial Sinner (God Calls Christians to Serve)
Ch 7 – The Religious Serial Sinner (God Calls Christians to Be Real)
Bible Study Guide

I ordered the ebook for Kindle version of this book on the publisher’s website Shepherd Press recently since I purchased it at a discount rate (50% off through March 10, 2014). This was my first time to read a book by this author and I must admit I was very impressed with her writing style in this book. I really felt this author gave her candid and honest view about life related to her past experiences and her personal relationship with God in relation to being a serial sinner in this secular world. We are all guilty of sin in our current life here on Earth, but she explains that through the power of the cross, we are all able to live a more guiltless life since Jesus died for all our sins. She really hit the nail on the head in this book in relation to my own life because society as a whole is guilty of being impatient, prideful, selfish, and self-righteous based on the way our culture makeup and our way of living each day. She has a section in each chapter about the grace of God, what God calls all Christians to do, and her definition of each kind of serial sinner. She shares great stories in this book from learning to develop patience while standing in a long line to learning to be more giving toward others like allowing the car behind you take the closer parking lot space in the parking lot of a store. It made me feel like I need to reevaluate the way I look at certain situations in my own life for God’s good and how I can lead a more fulfilling Christian life. The author also references scripture from the Bible throughout her book and at the end of the book there is also a Bible Study guide that readers can follow to gain more from the study in this book. I chose to rate this book “5 stars” because I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and some of her stories made me laugh while I was reading it. I encourage you to check out this book and highly recommend it to all Christians. I chose not to write a lengthy review because I don’t want to give away things from this book. It is one of those books each reader needs to enjoy for themselves. Pick up a copy today!