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Gospel Assurance & Warnings Book Review and Recommendation

25 Apr


As I was reading through this book, “Gospel Assurance and Warnings” by Paul Washer, I realized this book covers everything from examining your walk with Christ, confessing your sins, God’s commandments, loving other Christians, and overcoming the world for starters in part one of this book about biblical assurance. The author clearly demonstrates all the topics every Christian needs to be more knowledgeable about when it comes to the gospel. In the beginning of the book, Mr. Washer examines the great evidences of genuine conversion and discusses them in great detail. At the end of part one in the book, the author gives a summary of the twelve different qualities or tests that all Christians should possess in their lives. Once there is evidence they are all evidently increasing within us, we have assurance that we have come to know God and bear the fruit of a child of God. For those Christians who find these qualities absent from their lives, should have a great deal of concern for their souls. We should always remain persistent in seeking God when it comes to our salvation, and reassess ourselves to determine if we are living in faith. In part two of the book, he discusses the answers to various questions such as 1) are you a sinner?, 2) do you want to go to Heaven?, and 3) do you want to pray? Also, he talks about the narrow path to eternal salvation in Heaven, false converts, and the dangers of an empty confession.

Table of Contents
Series Preface: Recovering the Gospel
Part One: Biblical Assurance
(1) False Assurance
(2) Examining Yourself
(3) Walking in God’s Revelation
(4) Confessing Sin
(5) Keeping God’s Commandments
(6) Imitating Christ
(7) Loving Christians
(8) Rejecting the World
(9) Remaining in the Church
(10) Confessing Christ
(11) Purifying Self
(12) Practicing Righteousness
(13) Overcoming the World
(14) Believing in Jesus

Part Two: Gospel Warnings, Or Warnings to Empty Confessors
(15) Gospel Reductionism
(16) The Small Gate
(17) The Narrow Way
(18) The Outward Evidence of an Inward Reality
(19) The Dangers of an Empty Confession

I found Chapter 17 titled The Narrow Way to be the most interesting in this book. He discusses how the gate into Heaven will be a narrow road. Based on the scriptures in the Bible, we have learned that a Christian’s journey is narrow and full of suffering, but there is a reason behind all our trials in our lifetime. God has a plan for each and every one of us so that we can transformed like His Son. I have learned over the years that our trials and tribulations help us build character, strength, and lessons that God wants to reveal to us in our lives. We may not understand everything that happens, but rest assured God always has a reason for everything that happens to us and we must remember to always trust Him and remain obedient in our faith for Him. All readers should take this chapter seriously because it how it clearly explains why many people in this fallen secular world are on the road to destruction and only a few will find the gate and way that lead to eternal life in Heaven with God. True Christianity is about life and death, heaven and hell, eternal joy with God or an eternal existence with Satan that is most horrifying and wicked beyond description.

In conclusion, I can only hope that this book is passed along to many people along the way who may not have a personal relationship with Christ and for Christians to help share their faith with others. In our current world today, there are several fallacies about the gospel, so this book serves as a great reference for those seeking the truth about God’s word. The author has referenced scripture verses throughout the book. This book should be a wakeup call for those who are missing the qualities in their life or those who long to have a deeper relationship with Him. This book reassures the Christian that if you remain obedient to God, you will want to obey God’s commandments and live your life according to scripture. If you want to find the truth about God’s word, you must always turn to the Bible because God has clearly defined how we are to live our lives as Christians. In the final two chapters, the author talks about false prophets and the dangers of an empty confession. If we seek God in everything we do every day, He will make sure we are headed in the right direction according to His plan for our life. I highly recommend this book to all Christians and all those seeking to have a relationship with God.

Rating: 4 Stars

A special thank you to Cross Focused Reviews and Reformation Heritage Books for the complimentary paperback copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.