Listed below are some of my favorite websites when I spend time in God’s word

  • Dr. Jack Graham – PowerPoint – Dr. Graham is my former pastor that I admired on so many levels.  I sure do miss his sermons!

  • Dr. David Jeremiah – Turning Point – Dr. Jeremiah is a gifted author who I enjoy turning to as a reference in my daily study with God.  He has written a multitude of exceptional books that I encourage everyone to invest some time reading in your free time.  You can also catch Dr. Jeremiah’s sermons on the radio and television each week.

  • Dr. Charles Stanley – In Touch Ministries – Dr. Stanley is another brilliant author who I enjoy reading his books.  You can also catch Dr. Stanley’s sermons on television each week.

  • Simple Truths – Your Destination for Inspiration – This company has a nice colection of books that share words of encouragement and also to help excel in business.  I love these books because I have a few in my library that speak to my heart and inspire me in my daily living.  The majority of these books also come with a video on a CD that you receive when you make a purchase.  You also have the luxury of watching these videos for your enjoyment online.

  • Godvine – Popular Christian Videos – Great selection of videos that will make you cry, smile, etc.

  • GodTube – Popular Christian Videos

Listed below are some of my favorite blog sites that I wanted to share with you 





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