Gospel Assurance & Warnings Book Review and Recommendation

25 Apr


As I was reading through this book, “Gospel Assurance and Warnings” by Paul Washer, I realized this book covers everything from examining your walk with Christ, confessing your sins, God’s commandments, loving other Christians, and overcoming the world for starters in part one of this book about biblical assurance. The author clearly demonstrates all the topics every Christian needs to be more knowledgeable about when it comes to the gospel. In the beginning of the book, Mr. Washer examines the great evidences of genuine conversion and discusses them in great detail. At the end of part one in the book, the author gives a summary of the twelve different qualities or tests that all Christians should possess in their lives. Once there is evidence they are all evidently increasing within us, we have assurance that we have come to know God and bear the fruit of a child of God. For those Christians who find these qualities absent from their lives, should have a great deal of concern for their souls. We should always remain persistent in seeking God when it comes to our salvation, and reassess ourselves to determine if we are living in faith. In part two of the book, he discusses the answers to various questions such as 1) are you a sinner?, 2) do you want to go to Heaven?, and 3) do you want to pray? Also, he talks about the narrow path to eternal salvation in Heaven, false converts, and the dangers of an empty confession.

Table of Contents
Series Preface: Recovering the Gospel
Part One: Biblical Assurance
(1) False Assurance
(2) Examining Yourself
(3) Walking in God’s Revelation
(4) Confessing Sin
(5) Keeping God’s Commandments
(6) Imitating Christ
(7) Loving Christians
(8) Rejecting the World
(9) Remaining in the Church
(10) Confessing Christ
(11) Purifying Self
(12) Practicing Righteousness
(13) Overcoming the World
(14) Believing in Jesus

Part Two: Gospel Warnings, Or Warnings to Empty Confessors
(15) Gospel Reductionism
(16) The Small Gate
(17) The Narrow Way
(18) The Outward Evidence of an Inward Reality
(19) The Dangers of an Empty Confession

I found Chapter 17 titled The Narrow Way to be the most interesting in this book. He discusses how the gate into Heaven will be a narrow road. Based on the scriptures in the Bible, we have learned that a Christian’s journey is narrow and full of suffering, but there is a reason behind all our trials in our lifetime. God has a plan for each and every one of us so that we can transformed like His Son. I have learned over the years that our trials and tribulations help us build character, strength, and lessons that God wants to reveal to us in our lives. We may not understand everything that happens, but rest assured God always has a reason for everything that happens to us and we must remember to always trust Him and remain obedient in our faith for Him. All readers should take this chapter seriously because it how it clearly explains why many people in this fallen secular world are on the road to destruction and only a few will find the gate and way that lead to eternal life in Heaven with God. True Christianity is about life and death, heaven and hell, eternal joy with God or an eternal existence with Satan that is most horrifying and wicked beyond description.

In conclusion, I can only hope that this book is passed along to many people along the way who may not have a personal relationship with Christ and for Christians to help share their faith with others. In our current world today, there are several fallacies about the gospel, so this book serves as a great reference for those seeking the truth about God’s word. The author has referenced scripture verses throughout the book. This book should be a wakeup call for those who are missing the qualities in their life or those who long to have a deeper relationship with Him. This book reassures the Christian that if you remain obedient to God, you will want to obey God’s commandments and live your life according to scripture. If you want to find the truth about God’s word, you must always turn to the Bible because God has clearly defined how we are to live our lives as Christians. In the final two chapters, the author talks about false prophets and the dangers of an empty confession. If we seek God in everything we do every day, He will make sure we are headed in the right direction according to His plan for our life. I highly recommend this book to all Christians and all those seeking to have a relationship with God.

Rating: 4 Stars

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Guiltless Living Book Review and Recommendation

11 Mar

guiltless living

Ch 1 – The Critical Serial Sinner (God Calls Christians to Encourage)
Ch 2 – The Proud Serial Sinner (God Calls Christians to Humility)
Ch 3 – The Controlling Serial Sinner (God Calls Christians to Trust)
Ch 4 – The Impatient Serial Sinner (God Calls Christians to Patience)
Ch 5 – The Miserly Serial Sinner (God Calls Christians to Generosity)
Ch 6 – The Selfish Serial Sinner (God Calls Christians to Serve)
Ch 7 – The Religious Serial Sinner (God Calls Christians to Be Real)
Bible Study Guide

I ordered the ebook for Kindle version of this book on the publisher’s website Shepherd Press recently since I purchased it at a discount rate (50% off through March 10, 2014). This was my first time to read a book by this author and I must admit I was very impressed with her writing style in this book. I really felt this author gave her candid and honest view about life related to her past experiences and her personal relationship with God in relation to being a serial sinner in this secular world. We are all guilty of sin in our current life here on Earth, but she explains that through the power of the cross, we are all able to live a more guiltless life since Jesus died for all our sins. She really hit the nail on the head in this book in relation to my own life because society as a whole is guilty of being impatient, prideful, selfish, and self-righteous based on the way our culture makeup and our way of living each day. She has a section in each chapter about the grace of God, what God calls all Christians to do, and her definition of each kind of serial sinner. She shares great stories in this book from learning to develop patience while standing in a long line to learning to be more giving toward others like allowing the car behind you take the closer parking lot space in the parking lot of a store. It made me feel like I need to reevaluate the way I look at certain situations in my own life for God’s good and how I can lead a more fulfilling Christian life. The author also references scripture from the Bible throughout her book and at the end of the book there is also a Bible Study guide that readers can follow to gain more from the study in this book. I chose to rate this book “5 stars” because I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and some of her stories made me laugh while I was reading it. I encourage you to check out this book and highly recommend it to all Christians. I chose not to write a lengthy review because I don’t want to give away things from this book. It is one of those books each reader needs to enjoy for themselves. Pick up a copy today!

Eternity Changes Everything Book Review and Recommendation

19 Feb


Do you long for more patience in your life while you are waiting for something in God’s timing or waiting for an outcome in anticipation? Or, do you long for more restless behavior when things do not seem to go your way in life or often feel disappointment or despair? If so, I encourage you to read this book, “Eternity Changes Everything” by Stephen Witmer. The author does an exemplary job of providing a heightened level of hope and glimpse into our everlasting life with God. We have so many choices in our life which often results in regret, despair, and disappointment when we are more tuned into the now in the world we live today rather than our real and future home in Heaven. God never promised us that life would be easy but we must learn to accept the daily challenges we face and realize we can get through anything through our faith and trust in God. This book teaches you how to live your life today in the light of what your future will hold tomorrow. Everything that happens to us in this temporary life called the biological life, God is using to shape us for our eternal life with him as a citizen of Heaven. This book allures Christians to be more excited about where the world is headed and be certain about where they are headed in the future.

Chapter 1|Your future in your present
Chapter 2|Everything new
Chapter 3|He will dwell with them
Chapter 4|The future is certain
Chapter 5|Your future is certain
Chapter 6|Tightrope walking
Chapter 7|Restlessness
Chapter 8|Patience
Chapter 9|Heavenly citizens
Chapter 10|Needing this world less
Chapter 11|Loving this world more
Chapter 12|Restless patience
Thank you

This book basically covers every aspect in our life that we face daily which includes our past, present and future. The author shares many stories from his life and others to gain an easy understanding of everything discussed in the book. From reading the book, I could tell this author is a very compassionate man in regards to his wife, children, his relationship with God, and his future home in Heaven. Our future life is based on how we live our present life. When Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, God was able to change the world forever. Once we are able to grasp this truth, we will begin to see a change in ourselves. Our life can change for the better if we are able to develop more patience and restlessness within ourselves to live the enriched life God had planned for us. The author illustrates a great example of how we can live with more confidence about the present and future in our life through stories about a tic-tac-toe tournament and walking on a tightrope. As we face our daily struggles in life, we might get lost along the way or go down the wrong path, but our common goal should be to reach the new creation, our everlasting life with God. The main focus of this book is that Christians are intended to live and be able to live in a strong, happy, productive, challenging, and agonizing tension between restlessness and patience.

Restlessness is best defined as a fervor for our future life in the new creation. Our perspective must be aligned with the future rather than settle for the current moment of now in regards to our identities, thoughts, actions, and goals. We must ask ourselves if we are determined to live for today or tomorrow. It is easy to get caught up in our past due to our past failures and accomplishments in life. Also, it is just as comfortable to live in the present when things seem to be going well in our lives or just the opposite. Either way, we are letting it define us and who we are as individuals because we are settling by living in the now rather than the future. Since we live in a fallen, sinful and imperfect world, nothing will ever be perfect so we should never settle for anything. If you are looking for the perfect man to share your life with, the perfect job with a six figure income, the perfect vacation, or that dream house you have always longed for all these years, you are only setting yourself up for disappointment. Our life is meant to be enjoyed and a preparation for the next life, not to settle for what you think can make you happy today. We must remember the best is yet to come in the new creation. There are a couple of reasons why we find it difficult to be more restless in our life which includes misconception that it will be dull and the uncertainty that it is our future. To help change our mindset, we must remain alert of the present world flaws, realize our pain and inconvenience in life is preparing us for our next life, and live as though the new creation will come tomorrow.

We currently live in a secular world that lacks patience. Christian maturity is gained through restlessness with patience. Restlessness can only lead to disaster without patience. If we learn to develop patient trust in God and His timing, it makes us more resilient and hopeful in times when life is hard. The author best sums up patience when he states “Patience comes from knowing that God’s future is ours and God’s future is great. When we know it’s sure, it can be slow. When we know it’s great, we can wait.” There are three beneficial ways to help us grow in our patient waiting for the new creation. First, we can seek help from God through prayer. Second, we can practice waiting when we encounter our everyday situations because rest assured there is always a reason God calls us to wait. Finally, we can wait in light of the cross because it demonstrates God’s patience and offers forgiveness for our impatience. We need to remember that Jesus is the only answer when it comes to our failures and our only hope for us to grow more in Christ. There is no need for us to rush through life through impatience because God already has our life planned out for us and the best is yet to come.

In conclusion, if we realize the new creation is our forever home, we will learn to shape our behavior in a new way and develop a different perspective about our biological life by looking forward to our eternal life with God. When we have developed a restless patience for the new creation, we realize we need this world less and love the world more. We can move forward with more help when we are content with restless patience because it helps us persevere in times of suffering, yearning for our future with Jesus, no longer consumed with regret from the past, and our trials in life are God’s means of getting us to the new creation. We can rejoice in heavenly citizenship whether life is hard and/or good because it draws us closer to our eternal life in Heaven with God. We can be certain this life is just part of our story and not the whole story and as a result will make us feel more freedom for this short-lived portion of it. On the other hand, we must be convinced that this current existence is worth improving by loving our neighbors as God has commanded us to do in this life. The best possible way for us to make this a better place is by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are able to end so much suffering in this world and draw more people to God so that they may also have eternal life with the new creation. Come, Lord Jesus! This book really hit home for me because I struggle with impatience in my life and hopefully this book will shed some light on this in my life and I can seek help through God’s help. As I started reading this book, I had a hard time putting it down because I was drawn to every word and enjoyed reading every page. I truly want to thank this author for writing such a great book about the new creation because I know it will give a lot of readers a new perspective in regards to their own life and how to have a more optimistic outlook on the future and be more certain about their eternal life with God. When I saw the title of this book, I knew it was one I was interested in reading and now I can say I am so glad I did since it is filled with so much hope for the future.

Rating: 5 Stars

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Spiritual Warfare: A Biblical and Balanced Perspective Book Review and Recommendation

17 Feb


The book titled, “Spiritual Warfare: A Biblical and Balanced Perspective” by Mr. Brian Borgman and Mr. Rob Ventura is a book designed for all Christians. It is a scripture based book that is very well executed by these two authors. The main focus and reason for this book is based on scripture in the Holy Bible, Ephesians 6:10-20. This is a book ideal for those readers who do not know a lot about spiritual warfare and/or not sure about what it says about it in the Bible. The authors wrote this book in a format that makes it much easier for any Christian to understand it. These authors put a lot of emphasis on this book about what happens when we choose not to stay close to God in all aspects of our life. They also discuss in great detail the six crucial elements that make up the armor of God and why they are necessary in defending ourselves against the enemy. Mr. Steven Lawson, Senior Pastor at Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama wrote the foreword in the book and states, “The Christian life is not a playground. Rather, it is a battlefield of spiritual warfare.” This book is a dire warning to all believers of what we will face in the present and the future when we do not follow Jesus Christ and the forces of darkness we will encounter along the way. The more we know about Satan and the more prepared we are for battle, the more likely we will overcome all evil forces we face in everyday life.

Introduction: One Side of the Horse or the Other
Chapter 1: Be Strong in the Lord
Chapter 2: Put on the Full Armor of God
Chapter 3: The Schemes of the Devil
Chapter 4: The Nature of Our Conflict
Chapter 5: The Belt of Truth
Chapter 6: The Breastplate of Righteousness
Chapter 7: The Gospel of Peace Footwear
Chapter 8: The Shield of Faith
Chapter 9: The Helmet of Salvation
Chapter 10: The Sword of the Spirit
Chapter 11: Warfare Prayer
Chapter 12: Warfare Prayer and Proclamation
Chapter 13: Spiritual Warfare Debriefing
Appendix 1: The Sovereignty of God and Satan
Appendix 2: Can a Christian Be Demon-Possessed?
Appendix 3: Christian, Pray for Your Pastors?

This book is very much needed in today’s times when we are faced with so much uncertainty and some troubling times in the remaining days of our temporary life in this fallen secular world. Ephesians 6:10-20 that is the basis of this book helps free us from the worldview fallacy that minimizes our spiritual battle. This book teaches us how to engage in this spiritual battle the correct way and can greatly impact our daily life. We can imagine ourselves as a warrior faced with a daily battle against the relentless enemy and the only way to win this war is by wearing the full armor of God each day. This book clearly points out that we cannot only wear partial gear because when Satan cannot wound us in one place, he will hit in another place when we are caught off guard. Satan is on a mission for us to turn our backs against God so he can knock us down and away from God. The devil has us right where he wants us when we choose not to have faith and stay close to God. The devil makes us weak and God makes us strong so we can ward off the enemy. The only way we can identity his lies is through God’s word in the Holy Bible and this is why it is so important to stay in His word all the time. If we are constantly in prayer and in His word, we stay closer to our protector, God and it makes it harder for the devil to touch us or come near us by causing us to falter to sin. The bible verse passage that really stuck out to me the most in this book is Ephesians 6, verse 12 and 13: “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.” It is important to stress this important scripture because it describes the very evils that exist today within our socioeconomic political structures instead of the evil and very real enemies in our world.

In Chapters 5 through 10, the authors discuss the effective instruction and forceful armor that are monumental in our defense against Satan. First, the belt of truth is an indispensable piece of armor because truth must remain a central part of our lives since it helps tie everything together in our life that is loose and could cause us to stumble. The devil loves to devour us with lies to make us fall prey to sin. Second, the breastplate of righteousness covers one of the areas that the devil prefers to attack the most which is the heart. All of our actions and thoughts are tied to the heart because this is where our values stem from in each one of us. We fall vulnerable to the devil when he reaches the core of our being because it can affect us emotionally through depression, guilt, anxiety, fear, etc. We must remember that biblical purity and a holy character are the fruits of a true Christian. Third, the gospel of peace footwear is necessary for solid footing in order to fight well through decisive and rapid movement. Our feet help us travel to other places in order to share the gospel of peace with others so they may come to know the spiritual freedom through Jesus Christ. Our feet must also be prepared to stand defensively against the devil in His word of truth. Fourth, the shield of faith spiritually protects us from the devil’s attacks and helps us keep our trust in Him and belief in His words in the Bible. The authors discuss the five ways that we can keep our faith active in the book and references scripture. Fifth, the helmet of salvation will spiritually protect our minds against the enemy’s attacks in our life. Our human behavior is linked to our mind, so when Satan can manipulate us through our mind he can have a bigger and more destructive impact on our life. We must stay focused on our eternal life in Heaven with God when He calls us home because that is the day we will no longer have any struggles. Finally, the sword of the spirit is applicable and used when His word is felt in our heart and mind. We must learn to wield the sword of the spirit to conquer the spiritual warfare in our lives in evangelism, to make our fellow warriors stronger, against sin and temptation, to make our faith stronger, in worship, and against the enemy.

In conclusion, prayer is the core of spiritual warfare and the most effective way Christians gain more strength by God. Prayer is not considered to be a piece of armor, but the means by which the armory is used effectively in our lives. Without prayer in our life, the armor of God is useless in fighting the enemy. The armor of God is comprised of sacred truths that Christians receive through biblical prayer. When we fail to realize our deep need for God in our lives, we often lack consistent prayer time and quiet time in His word daily. When the devil tries to lure us into sin through temptation and his lies, it is our goal to not give in to him that we can gain through God’s strength within us. In the end, we can win this battle because God has supplied us with the six pieces of armor and through constant prayer. Speaking from experience, I can honestly say that I have gained the most peace in my own life through constant prayer and daily scripture reading because it allows me to have the quiet time I need with my Savior and stay focused on Him through my faith. We live in such tumultuous times today and the best thing we can do as Christians is to remain faithful to God because He will pull us through anything we face in life. This is by far the best book I have read on the subject of spiritual warfare and I want to thank both these authors for taking the time to write such a well written book for all Christians to read. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about the subject and for all Christians to gain a better understanding of how to fight off our enemy. I will continue to pray for all pastors as they continue to speak God’s truths with the world.

Rating: 5 Stars

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spiritual warfare image

Stepping Out in Faith Book Review and Recommendation

27 Jan

stepping out in faith

Stepping Out in Faith by Mark Gilbert is a book that details the true stories of eleven former Catholics who became Christians. Today, they live to tell their stories about growing up as a Catholic and how it helped transform their current life today. Some of the former Catholics gave some very powerful, yet such personal accounts of their past and shared highlights about their family, their life, their environment, their work life, etc. The author of the book, Mark Gilbert also shares his testimony of being a former Catholic. They all went through great depths in their life and major changes to reach this new height of being a born again Christian. The individuals seemed very grateful for their past experiences so they could find their way to having a deep relationship with God and learn the difference between being a Catholic versus a Christian. We all have a choice in life in regard to our religious preference, to live by faith, and have that personal relationship with Jesus Christ. These individuals stepped out in their faith and learned to trust God in renewing their relationship with Him as a new Christian.

Chapter 1: When Everything Else is Gone
Chapter 2: Confident in God’s Love
Chapter 3: A Wretch Like Me
Chapter 4: The Ultimate Fresh Start
Chapter 5: Letting in Air and Light
Chapter 6: Words of Eternal Life
Chapter 7: Authentic Church
Chapter 8: No More Fear
Chapter 9: Learning to Trust
Chapter 10: A Retired Catholic
Chapter 11: Certainty for Eternity
Call to Action

The most interesting thing I discovered in reading this book is that all these individuals faced life changing experiences in finding their way to God in the end. One of the individuals in the book who lost her husband stated, “When everything else is gone, only God is left.” Many people realize this when they are faced with these kind of life changes in order to draw them closer to God. At the end of each chapter, it was so compelling to read about the life changes in each of their lives through becoming a Christian. They are now instilled with much more hope in their life, more confidence, more peace, feel God’s love, and leading a much happier life since they are excited about the future. When one grows up in a Catholic church, they are taught their religion is the way of life and raised with certain beliefs through their parents and the church. When one starts to explore another religion, they can often feel confused and consumed at the same time. These individuals desired to learn more about God through the gospel and through other believers in the church. As these individuals started attending the church and reading scripture in the Bible, they had a lot of questions and were open to learning more about God and a personal relationship with Him since both were new to some of them. One of the individuals in the book states, “Follow Jesus and you will never be wrong.” All Christians should always listen for God to speak to them and stay committed to following Jesus in their life each day. Chapter 8 and 9 are the two chapters I felt I could relate to the most in my past because the individual talks a great deal about dealing with fear and trust in the Lord. When he reached out and asked God for some help, He led him to Psalms 34 in the Bible. Through God’s strength, he was able to turn those fears into joy though the grace of God. People think they don’t need God when things are going good, but when a trial occurs in their life, they are instantly reminded how much they need Him in their lives at all times. If you desire to have real hope and inner peace in your life, put all your trust in the Lord. God is always there for you and one must trust Him to know what is best for your life according to His will.

In conclusion, I believe God puts certain people and places in our life for a reason. He has that ultimate plan for His kingdom in each of our lives and likes to draw His children closer to Him. Mark Gilbert wrote this book to share his experience with others and because it was the best and most difficult decision of his life. These individuals found their way to God through the witness of others in their life. Every time I get the chance to witness to an unbeliever, I seize the opportunity to share God’s love with others. This book is perfect for Catholics who are thinking about converting to the Christian faith and those who enjoy reading books about how others are drawn closer to God and having a deeper, closer relationship with Him. It offers encouragement to others because our experiences in life make us realize that everything is always possible through Jesus Christ. It was amazing how a number of these Christians urged readers to read the Bible to learn the true meaning of forgiveness and peace that can only be received through God. It is my prayer that readers who choose to read this book will realize that if they believe in Him and the fact that He died for our sins on the cross, they will have eternal salvation through Him. As a final thought, I want to commend this author for writing this book because it is proof that God does work miracles in the lives of others and how we can have a much more enriched life through glorifying Jesus Christ every day. Galatians 2:20 ~ “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.”

Rating: 4 Stars

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The In-Between Book Review and Recommendation

3 Dec

the in between

When I signed up to review this book, I could hardly wait to start reading it because the subject really interested me beyond measure. I was deeply enthralled about learning how to better embrace those waiting periods that I was going through in my life. To be honest, I will be the first one to admit I lack in the area of patience and could stand to learn a lesson or two more about better developing that skill in my life. It is not an easy task for me, but I have gained a better control over it nowadays as I have gotten older and have sought a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. The one thing I got most out of reading this book is if we get to the point of resisting being patient in our lives, we run the risk of missing out on some very crucial opportunities in our life that can be used to better shape us or change our life for the better. This book reminded me that time is very precious and we should never waste a moment of our life. If we get too caught up in rushing through the process, we end up wasting countless hours, days and possibly years looking at our watch all the time. We need to learn to remember there is a reason God allows us to wait in those precious moments we call life.

During my review of this book, I had the opportunity to listen to the audiobook as I read along in the paperback copy of the book. Having both versions of the book available to me, made it easier for me to stay focused on my reading from beginning to end. I found the audiobook to be very good even though I don’t have much experience with audiobooks. The audiobook is narrated by the author in a very presentable manner – he spoke in a very clear voice and did not read too fast. He starts out reading the foreword of the book and ends with reading the acknowledgments. The audiobook is divided into eleven different sections.

The author of the book titled, “The In-Between” by Jeff Goins does an exemplary job of sharing some important lessons he has learned in his past that helped teach me about the waiting period. His stories were very heartfelt and touching that he wrote about in his book. The story of the two senior members from his church who passed away that he discusses at the end of the book nearly made me cry. The tale of how he met his wife, Ashley and the birth of his son, Aiden were also very inspiring stories. The reason the author chose to share these significant stories about his life is to illustrate how important it is for us to be patient and be still at times in order to savor each moment and live our life the way it was intended to live. If we try to rush through our chapters in life, we miss out on some very pivotal moments along the way through the lives of others or certain situations.

Today, we live in a fast paced world where people are always in a hurry to get something done or get somewhere. A number of people in the world always find they have to stay busy doing something rather than be still and enjoy those quiet moments. We don’t have a problem with waiting, but sometimes waiting through the anticipation when we know something is about to change in our lives is the hardest part. Timing is important when it comes to certain situations that occur in our life and we need to learn to be more patient in our waiting period. In everyday living, we learn that we must wait when it comes to waiting in line at the grocery store, waiting to hear about a job promotion, waiting to graduate from college, waiting to get married, waiting to have a baby, and waiting in traffic to get home from work every day just to name a few, but it still doesn’t help those moments when waiting in anticipation knowing something is about to happen. We deal with so many looming distractions every day in a world saturated with social media and infinite interruptions that most of us deal with a constant battle to stay focused on what is in front of us. As we learn to embrace the wait, we eventually discover the appreciation of the delays that confirm some things in life are indeed worth waiting for.

In conclusion, God has a purpose for each one of our lives that is full of those great things we have not yet experienced yet. Each one of our journeys is full of obstacles and delays that are a good indicator of things we expect in life. Sometimes, we learn that some things are worth waiting for while others are not so much. But in the end, we need to value what we have in our life and still hope for in our future. It is easy for one to get frustrated or tensed during these times, but it is just a reminder that we do not always get what we want when we want it and seldom do we get everything we want at the same time. Not everyone in life finds their true calling because we lack the patience to discover our gifts and talents. Every roadblock on our life journey provides a vital lesson which is why we need to learn to appreciate those in-between moments. There is a reason why everything happens in our life in God’s timing. Just because life does not always turn out the way we expected it to, does not mean it cannot be viewed as a blessing rather than a curse. It all comes down to how we view the situation and the life lesson learned from the experience. Since we are never promised tomorrow, I would like to encourage everyone to find a reason to enjoy the joyful season of today and savor every moment of it because it is a gift. This book has taught me to have a different perspective in how I should use my down time in life and find ways to put it to better use. I look forward to those waiting periods for the process of my life because I know God has some great things in store for my life. Rating: 4 Stars

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Bake through the Bible Book Review and Recommendation

8 Oct

bake through the bible picture

When I first started reading the book titled, “Bake through the Bible” written by Susie Bentley-Taylor and Bekah Moore, I tried to visualize this book from a child’s perspective. I felt I could offer a more fair analysis of my review to determine if this was a book that parents could share with their young children about the Bible story. I give a lot of credit to the authors because I felt they selected several of the most important stories from the Bible that children could learn from as parents could use this as a learning tool in telling them more about God. What better way to share God’s love for us through the stories behind His amazing promises, how He rescues His people, the birth of Jesus, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, how He can make our hearts clean, and many more. The content of this book was most impressive from a reader’s standpoint, and I hope the authors decide to publish a second volume of the stories in the Bible.

The authors provided a simple format of the stories that children could better relate to when they were reading the book or having the book read to them by their parents. One of the things I liked most about this book is it is a creative way for parents to get involved in a fun activity with their children by reading a story and then cooking a recipe in the kitchen. This book provides lots of colorful illustrations that I think will help keep a child’s attention as it is read and shared with them. It also had some useful questions after each story that parents and children can discuss in teaching the stories to their child. This book also prepares the adult to get everything ready ahead of time by sharing all the ingredients in the recipe along with any kitchen tools that are needed to make the food. One of my favorite recipes in the book was the sparkly promise cookies that have one of God’s promises neatly tucked inside. Inside the book, there are a total of twenty different stories shared with readers from the Bible. At the end of the story, there is a prayer, the ingredient list, the equipment list, step-by-step directions, questions you can share with your child while you are cooking, time needed, and some bonus time-saver tips and ideas. The colorful illustrations that are shown in the step-by-step directions for each recipe are easily understood and displayed for a child to follow guided by their parents.

In conclusion, I would say the two authors did a very thorough job in the development and organization of the book. This book deserves 5 stars for creativity shown throughout the book and for the idea of cooking some great recipes while sharing Bible stories with children. “Bake through the Bible” would make a great gift for young children. This book offers something that a lot of them do not offer today – valued family time. Plus, it gives the parents an opportunity to pray with their children and get them excited about helping them learn how to cook in the kitchen. Children will likely remember the stories shared in this book if they understand how the recipes were selected in sharing each story. It is my hope that parents everywhere will get excited about sharing this amazing book with their children as they learn about God and His never ending love for each and every one of us. I can honestly say it would have been neat if this book was written during my childhood, because I think I could have gotten a great deal out of it and learned about the most important person in our life, our Heavenly Father who created us for His purpose in our life. I wish I would have had a chance to explore some of the recipes in the book prior to completing my review, but I will definitely be sharing this book with my nephews and cooking some of the recipes with them when I visit them over the holidays.

Please enjoy this video with the authors of this book as they share some highlights from their book.

A special thank you to Cross Focused Reviews and The Good Book for a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.